#Rain, Rain Please Come our Way.

Rain is a great blessing of Allah. It change the dry, dead earth and gives it a new life. The parts of the world that acquire more rain annually are full of greenery and vegetation.

The parts with less annual rainfall are mostly dry.

There is very small amount of annual rainfall in Saudi Arabia. On average there is 101.3 mm rainfall per year in Riyadh, Capital of Saudi Arabia and itโ€™s largest city.

From few months people here in Riyadh were desperate about rain and there were many prayers in masjids for the rain. People asked Allah to descend rain from sky to finish dust storms that was creating a lot of problems from few weeks.

Every day everyone will open the window in morning to see if it is raining or if there are any clouds on sky. But the eyes turned dry and sad, as there was not even a single cloud in sky. 

Yesterday I could not sleep properly as was busy talking to family till late at night and afterwards sleepless night. Around 2-3:00 a.m. I heard the sound of rain drops on my window. I got up quickly, opened my window and thanked Allah for the cool breeze and drops of rain. The temperature fall quickly and there was a freshness in air. I was so happy and then I slept with peace Alhamdulillah.

When I woke up in morning it was raining. I told to my daughter and she started jumping as she loves to see the rain. Everything changed after a short rain. Red Sand dunes in the desert look beautiful and shinny after the rain. People rush towards their camps in the deserts to enjoy the freshness of the air.

In the desert people walk, run, BBQ, enjoy car race and check the powers of their vehicles by going on high sand dunes. Many videos on internet circulate showing people enjoying in sand.

Rain change everything in few hours, no matter how slow it falls. This is one of the biggest blessings of Almighty Allah. It brings freshness in air. 

I remember the verse from Holy Quran Surat Rahman,

” Which blessing of your Lord will you deny?

I have some amazing pictures of rain from month of December. I hope you will be amazed to see water flooding on the roads of Riyadh. 

I hope and pray that Allah descend frequent rains in Saudi Arabia and turn this beautiful desert area into a lush green country.  

Some facts about Riyadh can be checked here. 

All the pictures are from last rain in Riyadh, taken by few friends. #streetphotography