Rainbow : #Childhood Memories.

Many times in my life I have heard few stories about the rainbow. As I saw a small rainbow after little rain, it remind me about those stories of past.  You can check the details of rain in this post and here.

                All the stories arenot true, I know now.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a boy as at that time, I was thinking that boys are more privileged in our society then the girls. My mother never let me feel any difference at home, if I was girl or boy but when I was looking around and thinking about all my friends and their brothers, even at a young age I was understanding that all the mothers and family members prefer boys over girls. My strong wish was to become a boy. Once my grandmother told me anyone who carries oil and sand in hand and passes under the rainbow, their gender is changed. OMG! This was an incredible news for me. I was living in Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir at that time and it was a heaven of rains and snow. I steal one of pot from my kitchen, fill it with sand and pour oil in it. This was always in ready to go position. Whenever there be rain, I waited for the rainbow in my play ground and start walking towards rainbow at its first sight, to cross it –  to change my sex. But I could never cross the rainbow ever. The closer I tried to get, the faster rainbow used to run from me. I tried for months and months but then I decided not to do this as;

“Rainbow also do not favor girls”.
There is another interesting story about rainbow that my grandmother told me. She told me that there is always a pot, full of gold coins at the end of the rainbow. When I was kid I always used to wait for the rainbow to appear and run to find it’s end to get the pot. Unfortunately I could never find the end. If I used to reach one stream, it always shifted with it’s golden pot to next stream. Jumping high quickly  over the mountains of Rawalakot or Pallandri. – of my beautiful cities. 

Most of the time, with many other kids, I was searching everywhere to find the end of the rainbow –  to get the gold but all efforts go in vain. No one told me that rainbow do not reveal it’s gift to everyone. It has not kept it in open place but has hidden and carry it from one place to the other soon after someone gets near.
                   These were two stories that came in my mind after a  long time.                               
            “If you have heard any story about rainbow, I will be happy if you will share”.
Now, may be, you will be thinking, why actually I have shared this story with you. I just want to deliver the message that how small girls counter discrimination. They are suppressed and neglected and not taken much care of, for being a girl. When they see that their brothers are privileged and important for every one from grand parents till family members. There arise a wish in hearts of innocent girls to become a boy. For that, they try in their own way. 

I am happy that this behavior is changing a lot, in educated families. But it is sadly, same in remote areas. My heart break, when I see mothers, neglecting mistakes of boys and younger sisters are pushed to act as servants, in front of brothers. Good food is served first to boys and leftover will be for girls. 

In many families, people are not happy to know that coming child is a girl, even in cases try to get rid of her. At times, mothers have to face torture for bring forth girls. In some cases get divorce too. 


The solution is in my religion. Islam gives rights to females and they are protected and cared about. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) told that, Fathers who educate and marry their two daughter in best possible way will be standing with him, during dooms day”. What more can be there to tell people about the importance of girls? 

                                 I wish this behavior will change soon. 

The picture above is made by my daughter (04 years). She asked me to use it, so I did as post was related to #childhood memories. I am always surprised how she writes her name with each of her creation with a heart. Unfortunately, I was unable to rotate it. 


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