Kidney Donation

If you get least amount to sell your organ, will you sell it, preferably your kidney???

Kidney is a small, bean-shaped organ in human body. It filters water and other waste products from our body it also produce hormones in the body. The kidney surgery is called nephrectomy that is used to remove kidney from the body. There are many reason because of which kidney or it’s part is removed.  The kidney is normally removed if it is damaged , having cancer or any other disease or in case of donation.
No matter what type of surgery someone undergoes it can be painful , there are many complications that are possible during surgery, there is great risk of infection if the surgery is not monitored by specialized doctors.
From last fifty years, when first kidney was transplanted every year many transplants are performed but the demand is ever increasing than its supply. Many people  from all over the world donate kidney to someone who needs. These transplants are more successful if kidney is donated by living donor.  Donor can easily survive with one kidney. There are many types of surgeries that can remove kidney but we will not go much in detail. This should be know that during simple removal surgeon makes 12 inches long cut on one side to remove kidney. If someone donates kidney, it can save one life.  There are also so many risks and obstacles, there can be reaction to medication, blood loss, heart attack etc.
Organ Trafficking: 
I did a lot of research on the topic after reading few news on internet about organ trafficking. Many people from Pakistan who earn US $ 2.5 per day are under great pressure of debts that they normally take from their land lords to pass their life. Landlords lure them to sell their kidney to cover their living expenditure and pay for debt. They fool innocent villages and tell them they will get large sum of money in its return and can pass whole life peacefully. They cheekily get their benefit and do not let poor run out of their hands. They also take their commission to bring such donors to commercial transplant surgeons. Having no idea about the situation poor agree on the donation.
Selling of organs is illegal in almost all countries of the world except Iran. According to  the order of Supreme Court of Pakistan, selling or purchasing of a kidney is illegal and if anyone is found doing so will be fined with years in prison.  There are many around the world who are suffering with severe pain and have tedious dialysis because of shortage of availability of kidney. Many die throughout the world while waiting for their transplant. In advanced countries of the world kidneys are removed from corpses. In order to motivate more people to donate kidney, many advocate for financial support for the donor. Due to unavailability of kidneys many head towards black markets of India , Philippine and Pakistan. Where many poor are donating their kidney for a small money to some fraudulent hospitals, which in return sell it in return of large sum of money. There are many such hospitals in India, Pakistan and Philippine that are working to deceive needy and involved in organ trafficking in black markets. Many around the world are involved in black market who are continuously harm the life of a poor person to save a rich one. Sometimes these donated kidneys work and sometimes they do not. Doctors try to aware public not to take risk of going to these black markets.
Few have moved to social media to get organ donation, there are few from the world that respond but mostly people from above mentioned countries respond. In recent reports few from UK have also showed their intention to sell their organ.
Anyone who is in need of money looks for different ways to earn large sum of money. People selling their kidney to black market hardy get $ 1500 ( in Pakistan). I have mentioned above that organ selling is not allowed except Iran but still people do so. There is need all over the world and this demand is increasing daily. People of the world must be convinced to donate kidney to save a life and compensation must be paid by a proper way and there must be awareness campaign throughout the world to educate people that if they are really giving their part of body to help someone do not give to fraudulent people that you cannot even get the actual compensation. Government must pay heed to this problem and save innocent people that are deceived and get risk of their lives from fake surgeons.
In some religions selling any organ is a sin as it is believed that God has gifted us the organ which is not for sale.
There are a lot of news from throughout the world. A lot of work is done to aware people for the need of donation but through a safe way.  A Canadian documentary is made showing the plight in  Philippines where people are selling their kidneys for $1,500 and sometimes less.
The director of film  “Tales From the Organ Trade,” Ric Esther Bienstock,  tells that she have seen herself the risk of such business.
“The more you try and crack down, the further underground the black market goes,” she said. “And what is happening is operations are becoming more dangerous for both the recipients and for the people who are selling their kidneys.”
 Besides, the people who are actually performing the transplantation take this activity negatively and try to emphasis the need to agree upon certain criterion to motivate people to help others. Whole analysis also takes the role of commercial transplantation surgeons negatively. An article in the British Medical Journal refers to these cunning surgeons as “‘Rotten Jobs”. The productive black market of transplants are starting to be considered as good reasons because of no wait,  legalization and tight regulation.


 Medical communities are raising their voice and suggesting the need for the financial help to the donor of the organ. The pressure of the requirement of the organ is increasing with the passage of time due to our life styles. We cannot negate the need for compensation as long substitute of human kidney can be found. No one knows when monetary payments will be legalized but there is need to tighten the rules to stop black markets to deceive people and get their benefits. As of result of many issues and long wait people are turning to productive black markets where they pay and get what they need.  Many people around the world are in trouble, there is need to save and help both, poor donors and patients who is in need of organ. There alo emerges the need to make the regulations simple so people do not turn to black market that will also help stopping organ trafficking. 
Need of Time: 
There is a need to aware poor people of the world, specially those who are fooled in India , Pakistan , Philippines, not to sell your kidney in black market. 

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