#Life: Marriage of an Indian Girl with a Dog

I came across a very shocking video on Facebook today you can check the video by clicking here. 
The girl can be seen in video with a dog. She was married to this stray dog to remove any bad luck from her.
I was feeling sad to hear about this.
According to details; An 18-year-old girl in India was married to a stray dog — to make evil spell run away!
The name of the girl is Munda and she belongs to a remote village in India. A local guru told to parents of this teenage girl that she was under an evil spell and if she will marry any man, she can be cause of his death and there can be  a lot of problems for family and surroundings. 
So to get rid of this evil spirit, the parents of teenager had no option but to find a four-legged groom for her — as suggested to them. So they got a dog  named Sheru from the streets of the village. 
The marriage was celebrated with all rituals and people of the village participated with enthusiasm and danced on beats of drums. 

What girl is waiting for??

According to the video, the girl told that she is not happy with the marriage, but she has followed the customs to remove bad luck. She added that she will marry prince charming someday and he will have long life because of following this custom of peers. 
According to video, many girls were married to dogs for a happy life in future. 
Marriage of this little girl with dreams of prince Charming and beautiful life ahead left me in tears. Who is responsible for the pain in her heart and her sadness on her marriage???   

I was thinking that in 2014-15 with lot of development in every field and with many human rights organizations around, this thing is happening on normal basis. There are animals rights organizations too. 
What effect such steps by parents can leave on the minds of these little girls. 

Why not same customs  for boys??

OK! Fine, if this custom is followed, then, what about boys, do they never have any bad luck??? Any boy in these villages had ever married any dog, to save their future wife??? 
  • Why we are so cruel that whatever we do, is just to protect boys in our society. There is no importance of girls?? They do not need to be protected, cared?? Why is that, always women have to sacrifice their emotions, goals and above all lives to satisfy men???
  • Why the women are restricted??? Why there are so many cultural, social restrictions always on women?? Why women are abused everywhere???  Why every cruel custom is to oppress women??
  • Allah has created humans as best of all the creations. They are given rights to their live in best possible way.  Good and bad luck are from Allah. Life and Death is from Him and the day of our birth and death has been written long before this world was created. How can such acts make any life long???
What it reminds me from Pakistan??
This reminds me of selfishness of our society and culture. I have heard news from Pakistan’s rural areas, where people marry young girls to the Holy Book Quran, if they can not find any match in relatives. As they do not want their property to go out of the family. SIGH!!! There is no justice for females. Even if they have rights from their religion from their law but still they are suffering and pay price for being a female. But until WHEN???
Can there rise the sun someday that will see that justice prevail and women do not face discrimination and get equal right to live their life as they want? To do what they want and how they want. They are given right to adopt the way they want to live, where they want to live and how they want to live. Can there be such day??? 
Yes!!! There will be a day of happiness for the women as well. I am hopeful. 
This left me wondering that who is responsible for breach of who’s rights ????? Which organization should scream —  human’s or animals ???? 

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