Problems On Picnic Spots.

Today I will share some of worst things that one can experience during any holiday trip to picnic spots. In coming post I will share the best moments too, hopefully.

At times we have to suffer for those things that we have never done our self :’( . 

Some super active, kids are always there to spoil a lot of things , your mood , trips and stuff.

When we start our journey towards picnic spots, it is always with a hope to enjoy it but alas gets ruined by first step of throwing up.
I try to keep everyone busy, so no one think about vomiting and do not do this, but when anyone  gets chance will show what he/she can do.
You can see a road on right side. These are the roads on which we actually travel to reach picnic spots.  You can think about the condition of stomach on these roads, obviously, twisted many times to come in action. 

 On our way when we forget about first bad happening, then second step of torture starts; We have the misfortune  to stop on washrooms and some of them are in worst condition in every sense. Flies , rats , ants , you name them and they have it all. Many stops do not have washrooms.

These disgusting horrendous untidy washrooms tell a picture of facilities that the government have provided to the people. The smell is so awful. Normally they are not provided or looked after by government but people of locality build them by raising some money or you can see few bath rooms with petrol pumps otherwise may be you do not see them at all along road and have to ask from nearby homes if they allow you to relax yourself 🙂 .

There are many picnic places to visit everywhere in
Pakistan. Allah has blessed Pakistan not only with natural beauty but also with four seasons. For people like me, I want to visit same place every season to fill my eyes with the colors of the nature. It amaze me, how the same place leaves different impacts during different times of the year. anyways lets get back on track we can see visitors in large number. on each picnic spot. They eat, chat, sing, dance and then throw all of the garbage on the sptooli peerot and leave for next destination or may be back home. No one is there to ask them about this behavior. There is no regulatory body who can insure clean environment of such attractive picnic places. 
The people will be of every age, class and mentality. You will find some very nice people and some who do not have any respect for women at all. Next disaster that we may come across is from youngsters mostly. Who are there with friends to enjoy, the enjoyment for them is most of time by teasing or torturing others. They will stop if they see you waiting alone and start honking. Sometimes they start to follow you.  They will not leave until you will call someone for help and when they see someone coming they will disappear and you will not know in which direction they went actually :).
Some will come with friends and turn on music at very high volume and all will dance and scream and howl like animals and you will be scared to hear that. They will really annoy you and on complain they will start fighting with you or may be scream louder.
Few young people play matches on picnic spots, a lot of boys gather and make a lot of noise that is at times annoying too. In picture on the below you can see ;
Volleyball match underway at Shaheed Gala near tolipeer #Rawalakot, AJK.
Few will start BBQ and leave all the mess around and will not bother to turn off the fire.
The shops on these picnic spots mostly sale low quality goods in high prices.
Allah has blessed our country and Pakistanis are in love with nature, that is why, when they get a chance they go out and visit different places. This is our duty to keep these picnic spots clean so everyone can enjoy. Government must also fulfill its duty by providing basic facilities on these spots. It must also take measures to keep such spots clean so every trip be a source of pleasant memory for every visitor.