How to be Successful at Studying

voice of sudhnotiMost of the time, my students ask me about the way of study that can become successful at the end of the semester with flying colors.

To become successful in life or study is not any complex mathematical equation. The thing is very simple. We all are familiar with the proverb;

Practice makes a man perfect.

No offense, but this is also true for the woman.

Have you ever thought, why you fail?

There can be many reasons like; Lack of confidence, wrong decision, no enthusiasm for work. But above all the thing that matters is;


This one factor that is most powerful and is responsible to become successful or to be a failure in life or in any exam.

What is practice?

Practice is doing some job over and over again. Like we practice exercise questions during our study to get the grip of the topic or to understand the concept of formula.

How does practice help?

  • The more one practice about anything his/her grip on the thing gets stronger.
  • One feels more confident if has a lot of practice.
  • The work becomes easy with practice.
  • It helps to improve skill and broadens the view towards stuff.

What should you do during practicing?

While practicing we must keep our emotions of frustration, boredom away. As much enthusiasm we will show during practice, we will learn even quickly and become successful.

If one will not practice, cannot easily get to the destination or in studies it is close to impossible to pass in the subject without practice. So my only message to the students and to people around us to practice hard during your studies or life to become successful.

While practicing keep your eyes, ears and mind open.

Understand it clearly note that is not practicing when you just remember the thing without knowing the meaning like a parrot. To become successful get some motivation to work hard from successful people. Try to follow their footsteps. You will notice all emphasize in practice, no one becomes successful overnight.

 Second important thing is to maintain proper notes the subject it can help you prepare well at the end of the semester and can be a great help to understand the concept while preparing it.

I have just prepared notes of a topic of mathematics, if you are mathematics students have a look to know, how to maintain notes to know the topic well.

  1. How to prepare the notes.

I would like, if you share the reasons of your failure in any phase of life. It will be great if you share how you change failure to success later on.