How to make the world a better place to live?

stop-voilence-voiceofsudhnotiWhat type of world are we living in?

Everywhere is bloodshed, crime, murder, violence, and terrorism. Media is full of sad news every day. We have become thirsty for the blood of others. Terrorism, Crime, and violence are prevailing in the world. It’s not just the story of any single day but it is like a repeat telecast every day sometime from here and other times from there. The people around the world are fighting for no obvious reason.

How sad it is!!!!

What are we doing to our world?

People around the world are not thinking that what we are doing with our world, others and our self. We are damaging and destroying our world and its resources.Why are we destroying our World? Its only place to live in. Do not we understand?

Why this fight?

This fight is for government, gold, silver, money or for the blood?? No one knows. How can we be this selfish now? Why do not we think about others from around the world that are suffering and are living in miserable condition? The thing like humanity is about to disappear from around the world. We are ready to kill without a single thought, Why we are doing this?? Countries are bombing other countries, people are doing suicide attacks. Unfortunately, most of the time, we come to know that it was a bunch of Muslims who did wrong all around the world. One person becomes responsible for the horrible life of many others. I just wonder for anyone doing attacks, what he can think? What is the thing that motivates him to kill others?

Why this Violence?

All this slaughter is going on around the world as we have forgotten the message of love, care, and peace from our God.

What’s the purpose of all these attacks?

To kill people, get rid of the inhabitants and prevail the world, is this the aim? For what or for how long? We are different and will remain as it is and it is best if this difference is respected and accepted by those who do not have anything in their heads and are just moving on others fingers.

Do not we have a mind to think that the pain and misery that our actions will bring for others will come back to us at the end? We come across attacks, see pictures of people dying, crying in attacks. We write few lines on social media accounts by hashtags and that’s it??

——–No, No, No——–!!! We must rise beyond this.

We see a news one day, regret and next day we just forget it. Is this something that will help to stop this violence? Why do not we think that tomorrow we can be the one lying helpless on the ground, with shots and bleeding body?

Need for the time:

  • There is utmost need to come forward and refresh the message of love and peace all over again.
  • We must rise above the differences of religion or country.
  • We must learn to tolerate and accept the differences.
  • We must come forward and stop this violence by joining hands in hands.

We all came in this world with a right to live, from our God. How the people has taken the duty to send many back??

A few days back after Paris attacks, I saw a video about a conversation between a father and couple of years old son. The way father taught his son the value of love and convinced him that roses are more powerful than guns was a strong message. I think if we just take that thing into consideration we can strive for best.

Those who are creating all this trouble for the world will soon be forced to go back to the places they come from.

How to stop Terrorism?

We can stop the terrorism, not by bombs but by love.

People who are doing this killing and spreading terrorism has got something wrong in their heads. It’s our duty to remind them actual teachings of our beloved prophets. The teaching of love and kindness.

Allah has created us all different and no one can make us same in any way by bombing or spreading terrorism.

We all have heard the proverb, “ Union is Strength”. If we join hands against these crimes I am sure if united we stand, it will not be easy for anyone to defeat us.

                                                      Please do  not let love die

Stand up, come forward for peace, hope, love, respect and to end this violence. Make this world a better place to live.

What do you think, how can we make this world a better place to live? How can we stop this violence? How can we change these molded minds who are ready to kill and shed blood of innocent people?