Kashmir Issue

What is Kashmir Issue:Flag of kashmir voice of sudhnoti

India invaded people of Kashmir soon after the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947and captured part of Kashmir and included it to India against the wishes of people of Kashmir.

Oldest Issue in UN:

I think most of the world until now will be aware of the Kashmir Issue. Kashmir Issue is one of the oldest pending issues to be resolved on the charter of United nation.

Efforts to solve Kashmir Issue:

Many efforts have been made by Pakistan to reach an acceptable decision. But in vain every time, when Pakistan initiates the discussion on Kashmir Issue India put forward some unacceptable ideas and the discussion ends without any fruitful results.

Kashmir Issue is not an issue of India or Pakistan it is about the lives of millions of Kashmiris who have been divided between India and Pakistan Kashmir. Mostly the rivers are serving as the line of control (LOC) between two countries and it is sad to see the brothers standing to two banks of rivers and shouting hard so their family on another bank of the river may listen to them. But most of the times it is hard due to the noise of river waves. But at least they are still happy to see each other alive.

Million Man March:

A few days back formal prime minister of Azad Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhary called the people of Kashmir to have a “Million Man March”. In an address to the public gathering in Washington, D.C. he emphasized UN to convince both India and Pakistan to have a meaningful discussion on Kashmir Issue. He also emphasized that Kashmir Issue must be resolved through dialogue between two countries. Unfortunately, both countries have engaged in purposeless dialogues many times until now. Kashmir issue is the main cause of many other disputes between India and Pakistan and other issues cannot be settled until Kashmir issue is given priority. Kashmir Issue also needs world attention as it can be the cause of another war between two nuclear countries.

The demand for people of Kashmir:

People of Kashmir are demanding their right of self-determination for many decades. This problem cannot be solved if the people of Kashmir are not included in the dialogue. Kashmir Issue can only be solved with the decision of its people. Kashmir Issue needs attention as it can help in the restoration of the peace in the region of South Asia. Kashmir issue must be addressed and resolved in the light of UN resolutions and in accordance with wishes and will of the people. Kashmir Issue can be solved if all three members are included in dialogue – India, Pakistan and the people of the Kashmir.

Human rights violations by the India :

It is unfortunate to know about human rights violations by the Indian forces in Kashmir. Kashmiri people are being killed every day.

Status of State of Kashmir in History:

India Claims that there is no such thing as Kashmir Issue. As Kashmir is part of India from always. But if we go in history then we can know easily that Kashmir never remains part of India anywhere in history. It remained an independent state. All the facts give the right to people of Kashmir or live as they want. India has invaded and occupied Kashmir from 1947 but the souls of Kashmiri people never accepted India.

Meeting with Kashmiri Family:

A few days back I met with a family from Occupied Kashmir and I was surprised to see the parents to raise slogans when I told that I am from Azad Kashmir;

“Lay k rahin gy Azadi” We will snatch our freedom

“Kashmir bany ga Pakistan”. Kashmir will be part of Pakistan soon.

They were very happy to meet me. They said that we have to rise and to defend our rights together. I was much touched by their discussion and the way they told me that even living in India, they are all the time scared, no one knows when someone will be annoyed and they will be in trouble. In their own land, they are living like prisoners. I am amazed to see the bitterness for India and their resistance without arms. They exclaimed about the intolerance in the behavior of people in India that makes it even harder to live their freely.

The right of Plebiscite under UN :

I wish that people of Kashmir will get the right of reasonable and free plebiscite under UN support. I am sure that someday the struggle of innocent Kashmiri people will bring a peaceful end of Kashmir Issue. The strong determination of people of Kashmir on Kashmir Issue will crumble India soon and she will accept the right of people of Kashmir.

India wants to link Kashmir dispute with other international disputes and try to build a link of religion between Kashmiri people and other terrorist organizations who are busy like India in the brutal bloodshed of innocent people. But for any sensible man, it is obvious that fighting barehanded and for the right to live freely on one’s own land is not actually terrorism. In fact, it is India who is brutally killing people of Kashmir to hide Kashmir Issue from the world.

I wish that someday the eighteen million people of the Jammu & Kashmir will have justice and the blood of millions of martyred Kashmiris will be rewarded. Kashmir issue is the main cause of firing by India on LOC that kills hundreds of innocent people every year.

The relation between New Delhi and Islamabad cannot be stable until the Kashmir Issue is settled with honesty in accordance with the wishes of Kashmiris people. Due to Kashmir Issue, India and Pakistan are continuously pushed to use large some of its budget for military and weapons and both have become nuclear states. So we can conclude that Kashmir Issue being one of the most dangerous Issues in the world. This race of weapons is a threat to the world and especially in South East Asia.

Peace in South Asia:

Kashmir Issue is related to the peace and stability of the South-Asia. If there can be peace between India and Pakistan it can bring prosperity in the region. This region is blessed from Allah Almighty with minerals, sea etc, it has four seasons and everything that is necessary for any country to be a developed country but alas the resources are being the waste just in vain. A solution of Kashmir issue is in the interest of India, Pakistan and the world too.


Freedom for Kashmir

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