Low Grades in Exam?

“I study very hard but my grades in exam are low :(”

how to get better grades in examThis is the sentence we all are familiar with. We always think about the reasons of fewer grades in the exam. Sometimes we are able to identify our mistakes, but most of the times, we are unable to figure out the loopholes.

I think to get better grade in exam we have to keep in our minds two prospective;

  • Strategy to study
  • Strategy to solve exam

Strategy to study may include:

  • The way we suppress our fear to fail.
  • The way we study during whole semester
  • The way we manage our time to complete the course
  • The way we emphasize on few topics

Overcome Your fear:

Most of the time, it is seen that few subjects that are compulsory on any subject, always few or one course we have to take, that scare us a lot. We have fear in our minds that we will fail that subject; this is most of the time true for math, unfortunately.

The first thing after registering the course that we need is to overcome our fear to fail any particular subject. If we will be tense, for sure we cannot be confident during the semester and cannot perform well in the exam.

Once decide,

 “I can do it, I will do it and just work hard”.

Do not think or look back, if you are taking a course for the first time, it is hard or you never get this course, forget about everything and have a target in mind to pass and move to practice hard. I can assure you your confidence and hard work will bring you success.

Divide the whole course into Parts:

At the beginning of semester get your course syllabus from your instructor and divide the whole course into parts to study yourself at home before an exam. Divide it is such a way that during the semester you can go through the whole course at least once before exam yourself at home. During study always highlight the main topics or points and prepare your notes that will have you to have a review of the course at the end.

Time management:

You have to be careful about the time management. Keep the time to cover the course and always try to finish your goal in specific time. It will also help you in the exam to answer all questions in specific time.

“Time management is key to be successful”.


Always emphasize more on topics that you do not know or feel hard to understand. Study them, again and again, to understand well, discuss with your teachers or friends to be clear about them during the semester before the exam.

If you have gone through these steps during semester than I am confident you will feel comfortable during exams and your grades will be according to expectation.

“Getting better grades is not related to overnight study of the course before exam. It is a continuous process that takes whole semester”.

Now we reach our Strategy to solve exam.

During exam we have to be careful about following things;

Manage time:

Read all questions and manage time. At times students complain that they knew few more questions but could not touch them as time was short. If you feel that you cannot answer in detail all questions and if you tried you can miss few. Better do not discuss in detail and try to make answers short and touch all questions in the exam and do not leave any question unanswered.

Spelling Mistakes:

Be very careful about the spellings during the exam. This you have to check during the semester. During study always see the spelling very carefully and try to memorize correct spelling. A lot of grades are deducted due to spelling mistakes.

Carefully answer:

Be very careful while answering the questions during the exam. At times we do not understand the question fully and give a wrong answer.

Select correct option carefully:

In multiple choice questions, be very careful while selecting an answer as most two choices in the exam are very close and we choose the wrong answer and think we did it well.


If you get time at the end of the exam, review the exam to remove any mistakes.

Answer clearly:

While answering the question during the exam, you have to use clear handwriting and the answer needs to the point. Do not discuss extra things and you have to select your words carefully that make sense and fit it.

If you will keep these points in mind to solve exam, I hope that your grades will be good.

All the best.