Purpose of our Life

purpose of lifeOur attitude towards things:

Being a complex machine humans have different attitude towards the things. At times we come across few things that make us tired and we are fed up of that in 5 to 10 minutes . We get so bored with them quickly and do not know the way out of boredom. We think what to do with boredom? what are the ways to kill boredom? How to get out of this state of mind?

There too are times when we do things that do not bother us and do not let us feel down for hours, they make us happy actually. We are happy to do that thing and even repeating it infinitely do not brings boredom but the pleasure of doing it increases everytime. We fall in love with our actions or things we do.

So we have couple of reactions attached towards doing stuff. We never feel tired of doing few things and others just give us head ache.

Questions in our mind:

When we are alone sometimes different questions strike our minds and we most of time are wondering for the answers like; Why I am here in this world? Why I was born?

All these question are almost in all minds. But normally it’s very hard for us to get the right & exact answer. An answer that satisfies us fully.

How can we get the reply of these questions?

If this would have been something related to mathematics then I hope with the help of few boring complex equations we may get the reply. But the thing is not that simple. It needs the understanding of needs by which we were created. No matter what, we have to admit this reality that if we were created, we have a role to play in the world. Our role in life can be of a hero our a villain. That can make an impact on lives of others too. We are not in world to play the role of an extra like in the movies. Whose presence or absence makes no difference.

How we know our answers?

There is only one authentic way for the answer. We have to explore our inner self. Allah has blessed us with a unique feeling which help and guide us in order to explore the world. Explore yourself and make an impression about feelings, likes and dislikes. Exploring oneself is surely a very strange and adventurous task. We are also destined with specific qualities that can help us to get to our answers. It is really unfortunate that most of us does not know what inbuilt qualities we have which make us unique. Like; Some has very beautiful voice, some are good in teaching they can explain and analyses the things very clearly etc.

All of us try different things or jobs in our lives. Sometimes we are given a job and we spend hours but still feel fresh & energetic. If we feel bored from few things, we must realize that we are not meant for those jobs. The jobs that make us forget about anything around is actually what we are meant to do and made for, in this world.

Boredom is a blessing from Allah, that guide us to our goals and helps us to identify, what for we are here in the world.

I feel it’s all about passion and personal satisfaction. Just we need to explore and explore to get to the depth and know the answers of the questions that are in our minds.