Let your kids decide their future

voiceofsudhnotiWe all agree with the fact that all of us come in this world with some unique qualities. Those qualities even in any particular family cannot be the same. All the kids grow in the same house but have a different interest of their own, that makes them the one who they are. Kids have their own impressions, thoughts and likes and dislikes.

If we let the kids make their own choices, then obviously they will work hard, to get to the goals, to show their capabilities and make us realize that, their choice was right.

In my teaching experience, I have come across different types of students in Bachelor level and few in master level, from both male and female students.

Reason: why a hard-working student cannot do good?

In some cases, I was surprised to see some students that even trying hard, they do not get anything in particular subject. As I always try to help my students to figure out the problems in allowed possible ways, so I tried to figure out the problem while interacting with them, their parents or friends. At the end most of the time, I came to know that the student has no interest in a subject or the major and they were pushed by parents or family in that field.

At times, parents impose their likes or dislikes on kids, do you know how it affect kids?

I feel sad about such students and in many cases, I even tried to convince the parents too and asked them not to pressurize the kids to take any specific filed, if kids do not have any interest in.

Parent’s responsibility:

  • I think as a parent we must not bound our kids to study a specific subject or take a specific major. If the kids are not made for that particular subject even with try they cannot excel as their minds do not work in that field.
  • Let the kids experience the life, the way they want. Do not ask them to follow your footsteps.
  • Our responsibility as a parent should be to give them better values and tell them the difference between right and wrong. Once they get it, let them decide about their life.
  • If we are sincere with our kids, we must provide them with a chance to make their decisions for their lives. Kids always have their choices and they are the ones who know better, what they are made for?
  • If they do not have any choice you can help them find their inner quality or even suggest them to think, but never impose your likes or dislikes on them.
  • Help them to make their mind as;

    My Life, My choice, My style!!!


    Let me live my life, do not teach me how to live it.


Your choices can never help them to have a better future, in-fact you stop them; to follow their dreams and excel in a field they are made for.

My message for the kids is;


You are the one who has to decide about yourself, not others.