Positive Thought for the Day

negativity“People who do not want to work hard, do one thing very efficiently. They work to bring those down who are habitual of working hard.”

I am thinking to publish positive thought for the day on that specific day, when I will have some positive thoughts :). Normally I try not to trouble my brain :).

So today I had a positive thought that is shining on the top.

Some serious talks now, I feel sorry about those around me or in the world generally who do not try to work hard and are jealous of those who are progressing in life on the basis of hard work.

Many people believe that one can have success on the basis of their luck but I am not with these thoughts. I believe that even if someone may get a chance by luck have to prove it’s worth to maintain and proceed in any field of life. Open your eyes and see around you where are the generations of those who were very successful in their lives, no matter in which field? Do you know any from their generations?

Hardly few will be saying “yes”, generally answer will be “no”.

We do not get everything in life pinned on us from our ancestors or even luck. To reach some position we have to work hard. Right???

There are different types of people around us. There are hard working people who get their goals through their devotion and ambition to work. What about those who are just busy day and night to bring those down who work hard? Are they working too? Or too hard?? 🙂

If we consider the second option as work too then, what can be the consequences of two works?

The people who work hard, if face difficulty no matter how, due to the situation or because of some jealous people, I believe that they will work even harder to reach their goal. It’s not a surprise that hey reach goals even before time.

What do you think about it???

We know that “for every action, there is a reaction” so if someone tries to suppress them they will try to stand taller.

What about others who are jealous and try to destroy others, they can win at times but this will not bring any positive energy towards them. They will even go deeper in their hatred and will fail bitterly in life.

Till when they can continue? Till infinity??? I do not think so, when the life is finite then what can be infinite in it???

What should be our reaction??

We must try to help others and always try to work hard in life. If we identify any such person around us, we must not run from them but I think they need our sympathy and help to get rid of their habit. I strongly believe we must help such people. We must understand that negative thought (s), negative behavior(s) can only be changed by positive people with a positive thought (s).

How we can help??

Make them realize that their actions are not bringing any harm to others but for themselves. I think any sensible person in this world will never try to risk themselves in any way. Once they get this, understand that road to a better future for them is paved. It can be a blessing for many others as well who can be their prey in future too.

Obviously, at times, we have to suffer but if we can bring someone out of a bad habit, what’s more, can be rewarding???

We must try to give hand to those around us, who are not; so strong to be good and behave sensibly.

My Message:

“Life is very beautiful and we get it once, it is best to live it happily by sharing and caring”,

this is my message of the day as well.

We all may have experienced in life many times if someone helps others they get an unending happiness and peace. Above all the prayers that help brings are unmatched.

I hope I made some sense, talk you soon.

Now it’s your turn, what is your thought (s) about my thought???