How to Overcome Math Anxiety

math-anxietyDo you have math anxiety???

When you think about the exam for math, your legs start trembling and you are overcome by a fear to fail. It shows that you are the one, who is suffering from math anxiety.

If Yes, then have a look on following tips How to Overcome Math Anxiety

• No Negativity Please: Never think in a negative way, that you cannot. Rather, think, you can and you will. It will boost your confidence and help you to overcome math anxiety.

Ask Questions: During your classes and preparation, ask as many questions as you can. No matter what comes to your mind. Do not ever think that your class fellows will think that the question is stupid.

Practice: Practice is only key to success in Math. It helps to reduce Math Anxiety. As much practice you will do, you will start to understand math in a better way, many questions, formulae, and steps will automatically clear in your mind.

No memorization Please: Never try to memorize math. You have to solve all the questions and not once, but again and again. Only try to remember the formulae not the steps of questions.

Understand Questions: Do not answer the question, until you fully understand what is being asked and which formulae you have to use.

No thought while solving Math: Try to free your mind of any other thing except math, while preparing for math.

Stick to Your Style of Study: Use the way of study, that best suits you. Do not try to copy any style of the friends etc.

Ask: If not sure about any point then try to ask it quickly, before you forget.

Take Responsibility for Results: Appreciate your success and take failure in a positive way, as if it is key to success and try harder, after you fail. Give yourself the credits and also curse you on failure and held yourself responsible of.

Challenge Yourself: Challenge yourself to work harder.

Apply Math in your Life: Try to apply math in real life, relate it to things around you and try to think in a mathematical way. It will help you be confident and forget about MATH ANXIETY.

Think math is not something from outside but from within.