How to Get Good Grades in Exams

How to Get Good Grades in Exams??? Well, this needs careful consideration of few points; while preparing for the exam and then making a proper strategy to solve exam clearly and concisely.

First thing is to prepare the course very well for the exam. This will for sure help you to maximize grades. Follow a Maximize-gradesbetter strategy to revise the course before an exam and take rest the night before an exam, it is a MUST.


How to Get Good Grades in Exams

When you are in Exam hall to solve your exam do the following to maximize the grades;

  • Be relaxed while reading exam questions.
  • Try to understand the question well in the exam. See what exactly the examiner wants from you.
  • Be precise with the things or points you have to include in the answer.
  • Always try to put relative material during an exam, any irrelevant stuff will be just wastage of time and will not do any good. This is a common sentence from the teachers that student did not understand the question well and the answer is not to the point.

Your answer in exam must demonstrate well that you have understood the question, it will help you to maximize grades and leave a better impression on the teacher. At any specific point use only one point or view during exam.

Most of the students have problem with mathematics, may be they are thinking now,” how to get good gardes in math Exam?

If you want to maximize grades in subjects like mathematics then;

  • Try to choose the best possible formula that will reduce; the lengthy calculation and will bring a correct answer.
  • If you are confused about few formulas and not sure which one to use, check the data that has been provided in the question. Then tally to see which formula fits well and uses maximum information. Always think before you write in the exam.

Keep the time constraint and the allocated grades of the question in your mind during the exam. If the grades for any given question are less, do not go into much detail, even if you have a lot of points to share. All you need is; try to summarize it according to the grades of the given question. If you will take a lot of time to answer questions with fewer grades, maybe you run out of time when you need to answer questions with more grades.

Knowing any question well will not do so good, if you cannot concisely put an idea that should cover all important points.

Planning is best before writing. To get good grades in exams while planning;

  • look for the key points,
  • understand the topic,
  • choose important points to write or formula to use,
  • proper ordering of the material also matters.

In few subjects, proper references also count. Try to give correct names of the people who put forward the idea first. No need to write a long list of references, just a few are enough, depending upon the grades of the question.

Most of the time, students complain about mind going blank. This normally happens because of an anxiety of exam. If you face any such condition in the exam then do something like this to relax yourself and your mind. I hope that you will remember the topic with these tips;

  • Try to relax by keeping your pen aside.
  • Close your eyes, put your head back and take a deep breath.
  • Relax for some time and then read the question again.

If you have written half of the answer then; try to read, what you have written and think about what can be next.

While studying always try to link the stuff with things around you, so by remembering the things you can remember the point or formula.

If these things do not help you then leave some space for remaining answer and move on to next question. When you will not be so stressed then the question will automatically come to your mind and then you can write/solve it.

If your time is about to finish and few questions are left;

  • Never panic.
  • Just look how many questions are left and check the remaining time
  • make a plan in mind and specify few minutes for each of question.
  • Do not try to go in detail for an answer but try to list important outline, it will surely win few grades for you.

If you have multiple choice questions(MCQs);

  • Solve as much as possible
  • Randomly guess answers for the questions that are left.
  • Do not leave them unanswered. Guess can gain some grades if it’s your day J.

Follow these steps in the exam hall and I hope that you will be able to get good  grades in exam with a nice and smooth plan of solving the exam. For sure with a great paper, you will be relaxed and much confident about the upcoming exam.

All the best.


Now its your turn, can you tell me about your experience in any exam and which strategy you have used to get good grades?