Microwave Mug Cake Recipe

Microwave Mug Cake Recipe:

My six years old daughter is fond of eating cakes. All she wants is cake when the food available at home is not as per her taste. It was always very hard for me to prepare cake in oven. It was taking a lot of effort and time. My life it easy from the time I got this quick mug cake recipe. From that day until now, I am preparing mug cake in oven. Here I will share with you the quick mug cake recipe to make your life easy too. Have a look and try my Microwave Mug Cake Recipe, you will say, “it’s worth it”!!

Microwave Mug cake recipe; as the name indicates, this cake can be prepared easily in microwave. Put all the cake ingredients as mentioned below in a mug, give them a swirl and put in microwave for two minutes, wolla . Enjoy delicious easy microwave mug cake.


Microwave mug cake;

  •     3 table spoon flour
  •    3 table spoon sugar
  •     1 medium egg
  •     3 table spoon milk
  •     2 table spoon oil/ unsalted and melted butter
  •     1 table spoon baking powder
  •     vanilla essence or any other essence like strawberry, orange , banana, peppermint etc.

Recipe to prepare quick Microwave mug cake:

  • Take a big mug and put one egg in it and beat well with a spoon, add sugar and mix well.
  • Add the oil in the mixture.
  • Now add the flour and the baking powder, mix the mixture well now.
  • Add the milk and give the mixture a swirl again with spoon.
  • You are done. Put the mug in the center of the microwave and put in on high and set timer for three minutes.

After three minutes, take out the mug, you will see that the top is firm to touch. Let it be cold for few minutes, you can add some nuts or chocolate or cream and enjoy it directly from mug or remove it by using a knife from the mug , put in a plate and enjoy with anything you like.

Wasn’t it a quick mug cake recipe?

You can always add the flavor to this quick mug cake recipe by adding some topping or nuts. If you want to add extra ingredients in microwave mug cake recipe, them follow this quantity.

2 table spoon chocolate chips/ or raisins or nuts

2 table spoon cocoa powder