Draw your Imagination

 Are you a person who loves to draw and wants to bring your imaginations into life in form of drawings?

We are living with a lot of development in technology and all are using different devices of technology for almost everything. These devices are also the creation of imagination and can be effectively used to draw your imagination.

From the time we are using smartphones, we want to use them everywhere. If you are fond to draw from your heart, something straight from your mind then you can use many apps to draw your imagination but may be you are little more comfortable and like me, want to draw your imagination on paper with a pen.

I came across many creative designs from very nice artist through all over the world on my social media. Today my inner artist jumped and compelled me to draw my imagination to satisfy the inner thirst.
I grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil and got some colors from my daughter and here is what I created. This is something without any symmetry and you can see it from anywhere you want, very time you will see my imagination, it will bring a new design to please your eyes.  I think I am over estimating my drawing here 🙂

When my daughter say me drawing and using her colors, she tried something too. You can see what she drew. 

The best part of sharing my on and off drawing on my blog is; once it is on air no matter, where the actual paper go, it does not matter, even in dustbin.

The purpose of my such activities at home is to also engage my seven years old girl with me. I try always that she express herself, in best possible way with any medium she likes. We( she and I) are not sure about her talents, we are trying to dig things out with different home activities. These activities with kids can help them grow and have confidence in life.

I hope you will also try to take few moments off from the screen and draw your imagination with your kids and share some life with them to boost their inner imagination and talents.

What you normally do with your kids, what activities your kids like?